Metro İstanbul Summer School Have Started

As part of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's Summer Activities, Metro Istanbul, an affiliate of IMM, has opened the Esenler Campus to Istanbul residents. Metro Istanbul will be hosting the "Metro Istanbul Summer School" for children and their parents from July 10th to September 1st, and the "Open-Air Cinema Days" for movie enthusiasts of all ages from July 18th to August 24th.
As Turkey's largest urban rail system operator, Metro Istanbul is making its summer activities, which have attracted record participation from Istanbul residents in previous years, a tradition. This summer, Metro Istanbul has once again opened the doors of its headquarters campus in Esenler to Istanbul residents for the Metro Istanbul Summer School and Open-Air Cinema Days.

Summer in Metro Istanbul will be filled with fun and educational activities.
The Metro Istanbul Summer School, which saw the participation of around 300 children last year, started on July 10th this year. The free activities for children and parents will continue at the Esenler Campus until September 1st. The "Metro Istanbul Summer School" program consists of four two-week sessions for children aged 7-10 and 11-14. During these sessions, children will participate in various activities such as robotics coding, aikido, athletics, cartoon and comic workshops, recycling workshops, fire safety training, badminton, volleyball, basketball, M-farmer, science bus, and children's rights education. At the same time, parents can take part in activities like facial yoga and making clay pots, as well as attend various seminars.
During the summer activities, Metro Istanbul's General Manager, Özgür Soy, stated, "Since the day we took office, we have been opening public spaces to Istanbul residents through the events we organize. Our priority in these activities is always the children. We want our children to spend their summer holidays productively with fun and educational activities. We provide them with various experiences in different fields, from sports to cartoon and robotic coding, in an environment where they can interact with the earth. At the same time, we organize programs for parents that include artistic and educational activities, providing them with the opportunity to spend cheerful and fruitful time while waiting for their children. Last year, we had a graduation ceremony for approximately 300 children from 38 districts of Istanbul and awarded them certificates. We received wonderful feedback from both the children and their parents. This year, we are delighted to meet nearly 350 children and their parents from different age groups."

We have been prepared in cooperation with the subsidiary companies of IMM
Soy emphasized that they brought Metro Istanbul Summer School to life in collaboration with the subsidiary companies of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB). He stated, "We are working together with İBB's subsidiary companies. We received support from ISTAÇ for the recycling workshop, from Enstitü İstanbul İSMEK for safe internet and healthy nutrition seminars, from Istanbul Fire Department for fire safety training, from the Youth and Sports Department for the Science Bus activity, and from the Social Services Department for children's rights education. With this cooperation, we have prepared a fun and educational summer activity for our children and their mothers. I extend my special thanks to all our subsidiary companies for their excellent collaboration during this process."

Metro Istanbul Open Air Cinema Days has started
Last year, Metro Istanbul Esenler Campus hosted over 10,000 people with 12 film screenings. This year, the third edition of the Metro Istanbul Open-Air Cinema Days event is taking place between July 18th and August 24th, every Tuesday and Thursday at 21:00, bringing together movie enthusiasts. The event is free and offers participants popcorn, lemonade, and hot beverages.

General Manager Soy expressed the importance of transforming their stations and campuses into vibrant living spaces, not just through their transportation services but also with various events. During the daytime, they welcome children and their mothers at the Summer School, and in the evenings, they accompany families with cinema screenings. The events have received significant interest from Esenler and surrounding districts, and they have received wonderful feedback. Last summer, the Open-Air Cinema Days event welcomed 10,000 people, setting a record. Soy expressed his joy in meeting with the people of Istanbul during both the Metro Istanbul Summer School and the Open-Air Cinema Days events.

Information and the program schedule for the 'IBB Summer' events, which will include over 3,000 free programs and training sessions, can be accessed through the city's cultural and arts platform 'Radar Istanbul.'

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