Complaints and Request Management

Complaints and Request Management

With the complaint and request management process, Metro Istanbul aims to provide quality and fast solutions to the complaints and requests conveyed by passengers through different communication channels.
Getting information

In accordance with the Law on Information Acquisition No. 4982, which entered into force on 24.04.2004, you can apply to our institution for Information. As with all kinds of requests and complaints applications, applications for Obtaining Information are made on the Beyaz Masa application page.

Receiving Complaints

Metro Istanbul provides services in customer satisfaction management according to ISO 10002 Quality Standard.

Metro Istanbul passengers can convey their requests, complaints and opinions through the following communication channels. All wishes and complaints transmitted through different channels are recorded at Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Beyaz Masa system, and the process is monitored through this system.

  • Alo 153 Call Centre
  • 1530 Short Message Service
  • WhatsApp Line numbered 0552 153 0034
  •  E-Mail Address
  • Website
  • "Metro Istanbul" Application Developed for Smart Phones
  • IMM Beyaz Masa
  • Request and Complaint Boxes at Stations
  • Social Media Channels
  • Fax Number 0212 568 8900

It is necessary to share the information of "line number, direction of departure, station, date - time, vehicle / car number" in order to be able to respond quickly to applications. Applications from different channels are collected at Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Beyaz Masa system and the applicant is answered by finalising it by the Public Relations Office of our company.