Customer Services

Customer Services

Metro Istanbul’s Customer-Oriented Management vision requires that the service quality in operation areas where there is direct contact with the passengers should be maintained, constantly improved, and developed. This vision puts more emphasis on the efforts conducted to improve Customer Relations.

While passenger feedback is sought through polls, the routine Secret Customer researches allow the operations to control and correct themselves. The analysis of the feedback, poll and research results received from passengers allows us to detect problematic areas, project any potential negative situations and take the necessary measures.

Our Company certifies every stage of its services in line with the principle of Customer-Oriented Management and continues its efforts in harmony with the criteria required by these certificates. A great emphasis is laid on the training and orientation of personnel who are in direct contact with the passengers, warnings are made to the staff to eliminate any negative dialogues on the field, and efforts are made to solve the problems objectively in cases where complaints are raised. The Feedback Management process, a part of customer services, is carried out in contact with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the White Desk, and each feedback is recorded to ensure accountability.

Many projects are being implemented in order to brief the passengers, who are Metro Istanbul’s customers at the same time, about travelling rules, informing them about travel-related issues, improve and develop the direction and information materials in the stations and rolling stock in line with the applicable standards, and make sure they are relevant with the passengers on the field.

Together with all such efforts and with the purpose of contacting, making comparisons and exchanging information with other rail system operators in other countries in relation to other industry-related matters, we are actively participating in international communities including Nova-Comet and UITP. Again, with the same purpose, we are taking active roles at the All Rail System Operators Society, which is located in Turkey.