Social Gender Equality

Social Gender Equality


1 – Purpose

The purpose of the TCE Committee and the Pioneers of Change Committee is to regulate structural, cultural, conscious and unconscious prejudice and other types of discrimination in the relations and activities of Metro Istanbul with its employees, passengers and all other stakeholders. These are carried out with the vision of the following and the basic principles regarding their work, with a more inclusive, open and democratic approach that provides equal access and prevents discrimination:

  • To eliminate them in all fields of activity,
  • To increase awareness,
  • To ensure sustainable transformation
  • To be a public institution that creates an important route to gender equality with its practices and works and to be seen as a benchmark in this field.

2- Context

It covers and adopts all Gender Equality approaches carried out in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations Global Compact Principles and Istanbul Convention.

3 –Definitions

Institution: Metro İstanbul A.Ş.

Stakeholder: All Metro Istanbul employees (including those working for Metro Istanbul under Istguven and Bogazici Cleaning Services), passengers, customers, suppliers and business partnerships.

Equality Committee: The committee convened under the leadership of Metro Istanbul General Manager, whose members are Deputy General Managers, Brand and Customer Relations Manager and Human Resources & Organizational Development Manager.

Pioneers of the Change Group: The committee formed on a voluntary basis within the institution without distinction of title, gender and any language, religion or race. The group members elect the person who will chair the Change Pioneers Group from among themselves.

ESS Boards: Committees established on a voluntary basis among the Managers and Employees for the actions to be taken after Employee Satisfaction Surveys.

Ethical Policy Application Channels: The application channel where employees can convey their feedback regarding the Metro Istanbul Code of Ethics.

4 - Duties and Responsibilities of Equality Committee

  • It determines strategic priorities and actions in an accountable and transparent manner in gender equality works within the scope of our “Equality is here” principle.
  • Supervises and monitors the work of committees such as Pioneers of The Change and CSS, in order to create a strong sector based on gender equality, fair, inclusive, offering equal opportunities, for these strategic priorities and actions.
  • Institution's feedback channels, Ethical Policy Applications, etc. They evaluate the feedback on gender equality from the channels.
  • Boards meet quarterly, in the first half of the month following each quarter.

5 - Duties and Responsibilities of Pıoneers of the Change Group

  • The institution works to make the gender equality and inclusion criteria dominant and visible in the work, decision-making processes and content of all internal and external stakeholders it cooperates with.
  • By receiving its training, it provides trainings in this direction to all employees in Metro Istanbul and ensures its dissemination.
  • It reinforces the management approach that avoids discriminatory, sexist, violent discourses and practices, and works to establish this understanding in the field.
  • Within the scope of Gender Equality, it comes together with different institutions and organizations and brings good examples to the agenda.
  • It meets in the first half of each month. In the meeting, the training organizations and the progress in action planning are put on the agenda.
  • Sets the agenda to be forwarded to the Equality Committee meetings.