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Domestic Signalisation System Works Begin in M1 Line!

Self-Driving Full-Automatic Train Control Signalisation System is going to be designed and manufactured by Metro Istanbul with domestic and national means within the scope of “Domestic and National Manufacturing”. This system will be used in M1A Yenikapi-Ataturk

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We Are Walking Together Since 1988!

We continue our journey which started in August 1988 by expanding together with over 2700 employees and ...

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Music in Metro

In metropolises like Istanbul, people live a hectic life and this is why we pay attention to people’s ...

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Also in News Archieved News

KALDER Awarded Metro İstanbul with European Quality Foundation, Turkey Excellence Award!

Metro Istanbul, one of the affiliate companies of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), passed 600 points because of the competency evaluation carried ...

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The name of Behiç Erkin, the pioneer of railways, will live on the Metro Istanbul Plant

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality named the largest urban rail system centre in Turkey, built in Ümraniye, which has the first 2-storey train parking ...

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Historical Collaboration on tourism between Metro İstanbul and TÜRSAB!

Metro Istanbul, one of the affiliate companies of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, and the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB), undersigned ...

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