Passenger Security

Passenger Security

Being a member of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP), Metro Istanbul closely follows the metro and rail system practices in important cities of the world, continues to follow an effective path in terms of safety and security measures and to use the latest technologies with common sense.

The primary purpose of security practices is to ensure the peace and safety of passengers and personnel by improving the real and perceptual security level. Security measures taken on Metro Istanbul lines generally consist of 3 main elements.

The Human Element

There are official uniformed security guards who keep punctuation in the turnstile areas of the stations and there are security guards who provide patrol services in other areas open to passengers. According to the passenger transport directive that has been applied since the establishment of Metro Istanbul until today; flammable, explosive, combustible etc. substances are forbidden to enter stations and vehicles and therefore security personnel perform body searches with a detector, and check bags and packages. In addition to official uniformed security guards, there are also civilian security guards at the stations as well. In addition to the security personnel at the stations, Istanbul Security Directorate also has civil and sometimes official police officers deployed and we work in a coordinated manner.

In case of emergency, security guards as well as other personnel (station supervisors, maintenance staff, cleaning staff, etc.) at the stations are also responsible for checking the areas where they are located. In a possible emergency situation, extinguishing, evacuation, etc. the personnel who will carry out their operations have their task distribution have been determined. Exercises and trainings made according to their subjects are also repeated periodically.

Technical Elements

All public / closed areas at the stations are monitored 24 hours a day and in real time with high-tech cameras. There are cameras that are monitored locally from both the control centre and stations.

Physical Security

Entrances to closed public areas are made with magnetic cards, the system does not allow for unauthorised entry and warns the relevant personnel audibly and visually. In addition, walls, wire fences, barriers, turnstiles, lighting systems and warning signs are available on metro and tram lines.

Our Fields of Duty

Tram and metro stations, rail lines / tracks, administrative buildings and facilities (all internal and external protection areas), rail system vehicles and workshops belonging to Metro Istanbul.

Our Security Targets

  • To increase the level and feeling of security,
  • To give weight to preventive measures,
  • To benefit more from technology,
  • To ensure the participation of our passengers and personnel in our security measures.

Recruitment Process

Since 2006, Private Security Services have been carried out by purchasing services within the scope of tenders made in accordance with the Public Procurement Law No. 4734 and Private Security Law No. 5188. Therefore, it is necessary to apply to the contractor companies of Metro Istanbul for security applications.