Number of Visitors of Our Renewed Website is Increased 4 Times

Metro Istanbul renewed its website by taking user habits into account. Number of visitors of is increased 4 times with its new functions and its simple design.

Tendency towards the mobile environment in internet usage is on an increase in the World and it is increasingly becoming very important to be able to reach the information anywhere and anytime. Developing communication infrastructures and improved individual welfare increased the amount of time spent on the internet. People prefer their mobile phones for reading news and checking their e-mails, for shopping and address description more than other mobile devices.

Importance of mobile applications are increasing…
Metro Istanbul follows the developing technologies very closely and carried out a detailed survey on usage habits of website visitors and found out that %85 of users prefer their mobile phones to access A great majority of visitors use “Journey Planner” which can be directly accessed thanks to the design and functioning changes made on the website. Network Maps and Timetable Query Screen are the next most visited fields after the above application. This usage statistics are evaluated as a positive reflection of the functional design changes made on the website.

Overseas examples are surveyed…
Websites of foreign rail systems and public transport operators and managements were examined before updating the website. The feedback received from the international operators through the information we shared on Nova-Comet Benchmark Group was also compared. Finally UITP’s (International Union of Public Transport) “Public Transport Passenger Information & Websites” survey results which was published in 2014 was also evaluated to finalise the project. A mobile device compatible website with responsive design that gives the ability to provide visualisation and data interrogation without needing a mobile application because of its clean designing concept is created to address the needs and habits of the users.

24.000 Daily Visitors…
Access to the Journey Planner Application especially in mobile versions is designed to provide passengers the ability to plan their journeys much faster and easier. Number of visitors per day is increased from 6.000 up to 24.000 after all the improvements and enhancements made on the website. We continue to work on the projects that will make Metro Istanbul website content and applications more efficient and interactive. 

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