Facility Maintenance

Facility Maintenance

Metro Istanbul can offer maintenance service at equipment and system levels for rail system lines and auxiliary facilities built using various technologies.

Maintenance services and system details carried out by Metro Istanbul with full-fledged machinery pool, technological measurement devices, qualified engineering and maintenance labour are given below.

Line and Facility Management

  • Tram Track Maintenance
  • Line Maintenance and Repair Services
  • Line Improvement Works
  • Rail and Switch Welding
  • Line Geometry Maintenance
  • Line Control and Measurements
  • Geometric Measurements,
  • Georadar
  • Ultrasonic Inspection

Electromechanical and Control Systems Maintenance Services

  • Tram Facility Maintenance
  • Medium Voltage Feed and Distribution Systems Maintenance Services
  • Traction Power and Distribution Systems
  • Auxiliary Power Feed and Distribution Systems
  • Overhead/3rd Rail Systems
  • Signalization Systems
  • SCADA/ECS Systems 
  • Communication Systems
  • CCTV Systems
  • Passenger Information Systems
  • Fire Detection and Extinguishing Systems
  • Air Conditioning Systems