Metro Istanbul and Beykoz University are training future rail system professionals

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's subsidiary, Metro Istanbul, signed a comprehensive cooperation protocol with Beykoz University to train qualified workforce for the rail systems sector.
With 34 years of operational experience in urban rail systems, Metro Istanbul, the leading brand in the field, is initiating the "Rail Systems Basic Training Certificate Program" in collaboration with Beykoz University, which is the only university in Istanbul providing education in the field of Rail Systems Management. This program aims to train qualified workforce for the rail systems sector.
The Education Cooperation Protocol between Metro Istanbul and Beykoz University was announced through a signing ceremony held at the Metro Istanbul Alibeyköy Campus on July 13, Thursday. As part of this cooperation protocol, a certificate program will be organized to train qualified workforce in the areas of train driving, station management, and control center expertise, which are essential in rail system operations. The program aims to foster young people's interest in rail systems and provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the sector's demands.

A New Program for Industry Needs
Metro Istanbul and Beykoz University are offering a certificate program that prioritizes women participants and provides a wide range of training opportunities, covering topics from route knowledge to power knowledge, signaling to integrated management knowledge, and more. Speaking about the collaboration, Beykoz University Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Durman expressed great excitement about the certificate program. He stated, "Since 2008, Beykoz University has been educating graduates equipped with the qualifications needed by the business world and society. Additionally, through the Lifelong Learning Center, we continue to contribute to individuals, institutions, and organizations in their development areas. With this certificate program launched in partnership with Metro Istanbul, our goal is to train a competent workforce that meets the needs of the rail systems operations sector and contribute to the sector's development. The program, which will be carried out in collaboration with the Beykoz Logistics Vocational School's Rail Systems Management Academics and Metro Istanbul Academy Experts, aims to fulfill the university's fundamental values of developing urban, national, and international rail transport and transportation sectors by providing qualified workforce. The intensive theoretical and field training, which will last for five weeks, aims to equip participants with economic, administrative, and communication skills. It aims to develop individuals who can offer their skills and adapt to changes, make decisions, solve problems, and learn in today's multicultural society, affected by globalization, and serve the community and the sector in national and international settings as entrepreneurial individuals."

In the Golden Age of Rail Systems in Istanbul, This Collaboration Will Shape the Sector's Future.
Metro Istanbul's General Manager, Özgür Soy, stated: "Istanbul is recognized worldwide as the city that simultaneously builds 10 metros. Under the leadership of our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Ekrem İmamoğlu, we are making a significant impact not only through the construction of new lines but also by receiving awards for the quality of our operations, carrying out projects and consultancy services all around the world, and the pride of our R&D Center, our domestic tram vehicle TRAM34. This era will be remembered as the golden age of rail systems in Istanbul."
With rapidly advancing revolutionary technologies, we know that some professions will disappear while new ones emerge. We believe that the future of transportation lies in rail systems, and therefore, professions in this field will be among Turkey's rising stars, leading to a demand for skilled workforce naturally.
To address this need, we recently established the 'Metro Istanbul Academy.' Here, we provide theoretical and practical courses to train technical personnel for the sector and facilitate the development of our existing employees. By partnering with UITP Academy (International Association of Public Transport), we have taken our training to an international platform.
Furthermore, we are actively working on projects to make our collaborations with high schools and universities sustainable. This way, we aim to nurture a continuous flow of skilled professionals to meet the industry's evolving demands.
In line with our vision, we are launching a certificate program in collaboration with Beykoz University. As part of the education cooperation protocol, theoretical courses will be offered within the university, while practical lessons will be conducted at Metro Istanbul Academy by our instructors at stations and workshops.
Metro Istanbul has been recognized and awarded for its efforts in promoting gender equality and women's employment. In an industry traditionally dominated by men worldwide, Metro Istanbul has taken significant steps in advancing gender equality. We have significantly increased the number of women employees in the sector, serving as an inspiration and encouragement to all women. We believe that this certificate program will also provide a great opportunity for women who aspire to build a career in the rail systems sector.
Soy emphasized that young people are not showing much interest in choosing careers in rail systems. Especially among women, there is a lack of consideration and aspiration for careers in this field. To address this issue, Metro Istanbul aims to diversify its efforts and collaborate with universities in technical and engineering fields to attract more interest from young people, particularly in the rail systems sector. They are also working to establish partnerships with vocational high schools to start promoting the industry earlier in the career decision-making process.
Unfortunately, rail systems are not among the top priorities for both high schools and universities. Therefore, Metro Istanbul appreciates Beykoz University for recognizing the need for qualified workforce in the sector and establishing the Rail Systems Basic Training Certificate Program. They wish success for the program in addressing the need for skilled professionals in the rail systems field.

The path to selecting the right person for the right job goes through education.
During the collaboration signing ceremony held at the Metro Istanbul Alibeyköy Campus vehicle maintenance workshop, Zeynep Neyza Akçabay, the Deputy Secretary-General of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Chairman of Metro Istanbul's Board of Directors, stated, "As the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, we make great efforts for the vocational development and employment of young people. Through regional employment offices, we have created job opportunities for approximately 117,000 people."
Since 2019, Metro Istanbul has successfully recruited approximately 1200 individuals. Finding qualified workforce specialized in specific fields like rail systems is quite challenging in the market. We are well aware that the key to selecting the right person for the right job lies in education. Considering the new lines that will be opened in the next 5 years, Metro Istanbul holds significant employment potential. Through our collaborations with universities, we are investing in the future of rail systems. By signing this agreement on behalf of Metro Istanbul, we are creating an important platform to enhance the sector's ecosystem. In recent years, our vision has made not only Metro Istanbul but also all of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and its affiliates an attractive employer for young people. We don't simply tell young individuals to develop themselves and then come to us; instead, we reach out and provide them with opportunities to acquire the required skills in areas where we have needs.

About Rail Systems Basic Education Certificate Program
The structuring and implementation of the Rail Systems Basic Training Certificate program include providing essential training for rail system operators, such as train drivers, station supervisors, and control center personnel. 
• The duration of the Rail Systems Operations Certificate training is set at 5 weeks. 
• The training consists of 7 different modules. These modules are:
1.    Track and Route Knowledge,
2.    Power Knowledge,
3.    Signaling Knowledge,
4.    Rail System Vehicle Knowledge,
5.    Operations Knowledge,
6.    Integrated Management System,
7.    Organizational Culture and Teamwork.
• Within the scope of the certificate program, a total of 80 hours of training will be provided, consisting of 60 hours of theoretical training by the university and 20 hours of practical training by Metro Istanbul. Metro Istanbul facilities will be used for the practical training sessions.
• Participants are expected to comply with a 70% attendance requirement for both theoretical and practical training sessions separately.
• The first 5 modules related to rail systems will be conducted by expert instructors from Metro Istanbul Academy. The training for the two modules related to quality and personal development will be delivered by instructors appointed by the university.
• Beykoz University will open applications for this certificate program starting from September.
• The first program will commence in October.
• In the future stages of this collaboration, Metro Istanbul employees will also be included in the university's training, ensuring that the training provided under Metro Istanbul Academy will have an academic discipline.

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