About Us

About Us

Metro Istanbul was established as an affiliate company by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in 1988 to operate railway system network in Istanbul. Metro Istanbul continues to operate existing tram, metro, light rail, funicular and aerial cable car lines as an affiliate company of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Metro Istanbul has a vision of becoming an exemplary brand in the world. Winning UITP’s (International Association of Public Transport) best practice award in meeting high passenger demand with T1 Kabataş-Bağcılar Tram Line is a significant indicator of this vision. Length of urban rail system network in Istanbul is 259,85 km and Metro Istanbul operates 181,05 km of this network and Metro Istanbul renders services to 2 million people every day with its 15 urban rail system lines within this network.

Metro Istanbul continues to work for its aim of carrying Istanbul to the future by rendering fast and effective transportation services at world standards, constantly enhancing its transportation technologies, constantly investing in Research & Development and Human Resources.

Metro Istanbul also carries out maintenance and repair works of the railways system vehicles, stations, facilities, line infrastructure, electrical and electronic systems under its management. In addition to its operational, maintenance and repair services, Metro Istanbul also renders engineering and consultancy services for Istanbul’s future metro projects along with the public transportation projects at home and abroad.

Our Mission and Vision

Active Participation in Public Transportation Decisions             
We use our experience in Istanbul’s rail system and we put our seal on the transportation system of the future.
We will take active roles in: 
Rail system concept design
Rail system control and consultancy
Rail system car supply 
Public transportation management

Expertise-based Company-Formation
With the “Strategic Business Unit” approach, we are establishing the corporate structure focused on the transportation needs of the future. 
We will specialize in:
Metro Day-to-Day Operations
Metro Technical Operations 
Metro Projects

Handling Growth
We will not be an obese company that had lost its flexibility and mobility; we are building a national and sustainable future with a healthy body. 
We will grab our future through:
Effective Cost Management
National and Domestic Asset Management
Qualified, Multi-Functional Source of Decision-Making
Human Resources

Customer-Oriented Business and Brand Management
Offering a customer-oriented and high-quality public transportation service, we are investing into the city’s brand value.

We will serve Istanbul with:
Professional Customer Communications
Customer-Oriented Business Management
Brand Managemen

Our Values

Shall be “WE”. Shall take up the cause. Shall achieve together! 

Shall be frank. Shall be reliable. Shall be truthful and honest!

Shall work with enthusiasm. Shall produce value. Shall grab the bull by the horns!

Shall take initiatives. Shall be innovative. Shall either find a way or create one!

We shall first dream and plan the future. We shall build the tomorrow on today’s foundations!