Quality Policies

Quality Policies

Metro Istanbul is an organization which is significantly contributing to urban efficiency, acting with a sense of responsibility towards the society and environment, and considering sustainable development as an integral element of decision-making mechanisms. Metro Istanbul aims to provide Istanbulites safe, fast, economical and comfortable services in rail-based public transport and thereby ensure sustained customer satisfaction. Conscious of the fact that happiness and satisfaction of its employers is the key to customer satisfaction, Metro Istanbul provides the best working environment for its employees and promotes continuous improvement and learning.

In line with the principle of continuous improvement, it seeks to attain excellence by raising the efficiency of all our processes to the level of best practices in the sector, and working on the basis of factual data.

In order to bring down the costs, increase productivity and long-term profitability and secure the future, the company works in mutual cooperation and trust with its suppliers.

In this context, Metro Istanbul is committed to adopt the Quality Management System as a lifestyle and fulfilling its requirements in order to maintain the notion of quality in all activity areas and service divisions. It is incumbent upon all employees of Metro Istanbul to improve service quality through the Quality Management System.

Our Environmental Policy

In order to contribute to the promotion of urban environmental quality and encourage the use of railway systems, as the urban railway operator of Istanbul, Metro Istanbul:
•    Adheres to all national legislation and international conventions on the environment.
•    Seeks to prevent pollution at source by considering environmental impacts already at the preparation stage for projects about products and processes.
•    Constantly assesses, revises and improves its activities in terms of their environmental impacts.
•    Raises awareness among all its employees in order to improve its environmental performance and provides them with training in order to inculcate them with individual responsibility.
•    Is in constant communication with all stakeholders concerning its environmental perspective and environmental protection practices.
•    Cooperates with national and local government agencies, international organizations, other public transport authorities, NGOs and suppliers.

As the environmental policy, Metro Istanbul adopts cooperation in order to enhance environmental quality in line with the principles of sustainable development and together with its employees, suppliers and customers.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

In order to create a safe and healthy working environment, providing safer and healthier conditions in rail-based public transport and making environment and conditions sustainable, as the urban railway operator of Istanbul, Metro Istanbul:

•    Adheres to all national legislation and international conventions on occupational health and safety.
•    Constantly assesses, checks, revises and improves its activities in terms of their occupational health and safety risks.
•    Eliminates or minimizes work accidents and occupational illnesses by systematically managing risks and hazards about health and safety.
•    Raises awareness among all its employees about occupational health and safety, and provides them with training in order to promote individual responsibility.
•    Is in constant communication with all stakeholders concerning its occupational health and safety perspective and its practices to this effect.
•    Ensures cooperation and counselling by encouraging active involvement of all its employees.

Asks its employees about their opinions on changes potentially.

•    Affecting occupational health and safety, and ensure their representation in the issues of health and safety. 

As the occupational health and safety, Metro Istanbul adopts securing a healthy, safe and sustainable working environment for its employees, suppliers, customers and other relevant stakeholders at all its activity locations.

Our Passenger Complaint Management Policy

In order to satisfy the demand and expectations of its passengers and aiming to constantly improve customer satisfaction, as the urban railway operator of Istanbul, Metro Istanbul:

Every complaint is seen as an opportunity to improve service quality. Our passengers can forward their complaints to Metro Istanbul through ALO 153 Call Centre and other means of communication. Metro Istanbul’s Passenger Complaint Management which is adopted as Passenger Complaint Management Procedure is in accordance with accessibility, transparency, objectivity, confidentiality, traceability, accountability, legal compliance and customer orientation criteria.
Metro Istanbul guarantees constantly enhanced sensitivity on complaint solving, pursuing customer complaints until all reasonable solutions run out or customer satisfaction is ensured, checking its performance with the determined indicators for sustainable improvement, actualising customer oriented approach without compromising from TS ISO 100002 principles.

Our Energy Management Policy:

Our Company adopts the mission of providing customer oriented, affordable, comfortable, safe and secure urban rail system transportation services to people of Istanbul and envisages being a leader company that offers transportation services and solutions to its customers at world standards with its ever-developing technology.

Energy Management System works are carried out in accordance with the principles that are stated below to fulfil this commitment.

•    Energy activities are carried out with a sustainable perception and using the current energy sources in a most efficient way without sacrificing comfort.
•    Compliance with the National Energy Legislation and Mandatory Standards.
•    Methods to reduce carbon emission are applied and their continuity is ensured.
•    Effective communication is established with public institutions, customers, independent authorities and contractor companies in order to create results that will create common value and benefit in Energy Management.
•    The energy management system is integrated into corporate management practices, constantly reviewed and improved.
•    Training and awareness activities are carried out in order to increase the awareness of employees and society in the fields of consumption of natural resources and energy efficiency.
•    Activities are carried out to increase the use of our Renewable Energy Resources.
•    It is ensured that energy-efficient products, equipment and services are selected and energy efficiency-appropriate choices are made to improve energy performance.

Information Security Management Policy

Metro Istanbul carries out urban rail transportation business; it fulfils its obligations arising from national, international or sectoral regulations, relevant legislation and standard requirements along with the terms arising from agreements or corporate responsibilities for internal and external stakeholders in order to provide information security requirements.
Metro Istanbul guarantees to comply with the principles stated below while fulfilling all these obligations:
•    Employees, suppliers and other stakeholders provide secure access to information assets.
•    The integrity, confidentiality, accessibility and continuity of the information are protected.
•    An effective risk management is applied by evaluating the risks that may occur on their own information assets.
•    Services are provided in a swiftest possible way and without interruption to comply with all legal regulations and contracts regarding information security.
•    Allocates its resources to fulfil the requirements of the standards of information security management system, ensures the establishment, operation and continuous improvement of the system.
•    Protects the reliability and reputation of the stations, compounds and external units of Metro Istanbul.
•    Takes measures regarding information security, ensures the implementation of the measures taken, controls and imposes necessary sanctions in case of possible violations.
•    Takes measures to reduce the impact of information security threats and ensures business continuity and sustainability.
•    Protects and improves the level of information security with the established control infrastructure.
•    It ensures that information security works are audited through internal audits or by independent third party institutions to determine compliance with relevant laws and standards.
•    Encourages its staff and provides them the opportunity for training to develop competencies in order to increase awareness of information security.