Passenger Security

As a member of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP), Metro İstanbul closely follows the latest trends in metro and railway operations of major metropolises around the globe, and endeavors to employ ever more effective methods in safety and security measures by combining the use of common sense with the latest technologies.

The principal aim of our security practices is to improve the actual and perceived security level, thereby providing a peaceful and secure environment for our passengers and staff.

The security measures adopted in our network consist of three main elements.

Human Element

Guvenlik Görevlisi

At the station faregates, there are security personnel on duty in official uniforms, whilst other areas open to passenger circulation are manned by security guards on patrol. As it is strictly forbidden to enter the stations or vehicles with combustible, explosive and flammable substances pursuant to the Passenger Transport Regulations, which has been in force since the foundation of the metro, the security staff conducts search through metal detectors, and checks bags and luggage. Apart from the uniformed security personnel, there are also undercover security guards. In addition to the security personnel, the Istanbul Police Department also employs undercover and, at times, uniformed police officers at the stations, working in coordination with the former.

In cases of emergency, other staff employed at the stations (station supervisors, maintenance personnel and cleaning staff) are obliged to control the premises together with the security personnel. The people in charge and their responsibilities in possible cases of fire fighting, evacuation etc. are determined beforehand, and we regularly perform drills according to each scenario.

Technical Element

Güvenlik Kameraları

(Camera and alarm systems as well as other security systems in particular)

All public/non-public areas in stations are monitored in real-time and 24 hours through high-tech surveillance cameras.

There is a sufficient number of cameras which can be operated both at the metro operations control center and locally at the stations. 

Pysical Security

Access to non-public areas is possible through magnetic cards, and unauthorized access is denied by the system, the personnel being warned visually and audibly. Furthermore, the metro and tram lines are equipped with walls, wire fences, barriers, turnstiles, lighting systems and warning signs.

Areas of Duty

Tram and subway stations belonging to Metro İstanbul, track lines/ways, administrative buildings and facilities (all areas protected both internally and externally), rolling stock and workshops

Our Security Objectives

  • Improving the level and perception of security
  • Concentrating on preventive measures
  • Taking even more advantage of technology
  • Ensuring greater involvement of our passengers and personnel in the security measures

Recruitment Process

Private security services are carried out by purchasing service within the scope of the tenders in accordance with 4734 numbered Public Procurement Law and 5188 numbered Private Security Law since 2006. Thereby for security applications should be applied to our contractor companies.