Losts and Found

You have forgotten any of your property in our vehicles or our stations, İf it is found and delivered to  our institution by our staff or by another passanger, You can retrieve by applying for M1-M3-T1-T4 lines to Zeytinburnu Lost&Found Office, for M2-M6-F1 lines to Gayrettepe Lost&Found Office and for M4 line to Bostancı Station.

All find properties that are delivered to our institution and are recorded in a computing environment.

Passanger of lost property owner can recieve the own stuff by applying personally to the lost and found offices (After he/she has proved that it belonged to him/her). Unless the lost properties are retrieved by their owners, they are delivered to IETT Lost&Found Office in Karakoy every 15 days. For further requests and information about lost properties, please contact Passenger Services Hotline 153 (Help Desk).