Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to open a stand in the stations

For your questions about opening a stand in railway stations, please contact our Advertising and Marketing Department. 0212 568 99 70/ 22147

I am a busker, and what should I do to play music in the stations ?

For your questions about busking in the railway stations, please contact "Beyaz Masa" (White Table) 153

I would like to place an ad on the billboards in the trains and stations

For your questions about ads in the railway stations or trains, please contact our Advertising and Marketing Department. 0212 568 99 70/ 22137

Is it allowed to take photos and shoot videos in the stations?

It is forbidden to take photos and shoot videos in the metro, light metro and tram stations without prior authorization. In such unauthorized acts, the security staff has the right to ask the involved people for their permits. For commercial footages in the stations and trains such as commercials, promotion, film or TV series, you can contact our Advertising and Marketing Department via the e-mail address In order to obtain shooting permits for news, documentaries, short films, etc. with visual recording devices such as cameras and video recorders, you can contact our Press and Public Relations Department via

Where can I access the network maps?

You can access our network maps on the web site address, on the information boards in the stations, and also inside the trains.

Where can I learn the timetables?

You can access the timetables for the railway lines on the web site address the information boards in the stations, or through our call center 444 00 88.

What do the timetable figures signify?

The timetable numbers in the left-side vertical column indicate the hours, while those in the right-side horizontal columns indicate the minutes.To illustrate, according to the exemplary timetable

08:00 05 10 15 20 the train arrives at 05, 10 , 15 20

How can I pay the journey fare?

You can travel in the railway lines of Istanbul Ulasim using tokens, Akbil and Istanbul Card. You can purchase tokens from the vending machines available at every station.

How can I know during the travel that I have to transfer to another transport line?

The announcements inside the rail vehicles indicate the important transfer points and possible means of transport. Furthermore, the network maps provide symbols for the transfer points.

Is it possible to access the TT Arena Stadium by metro?

TT Arena Stadium is accessible by metro. Once you arrive at the Sanayi Station of M2 line, you can transfer to the Seyrantepe shuttle train on the opposite platform to go to the TT Arena.

Can I obtain information about buses and ferries on your Call Center?

Our company operates only the railway systems. For other modes of transport, you are kindly asked to call the respective transport operator.

Where can I follow the activities of the company?

Istanbul Ulasim shares its news with the public via the press as well as its website and social networks. You can also follow us on facebook and twitter.

When is the first and last train service?

Though changing according to each line, first train service usually starts at 06:00 a.m. Last train is at 00:00 in all the lines.

Why is there no train service after 00:00?

Due to the need for maintenance works on the tracks and rolling stock, and because of the insufficient ridership figures, the trains do not operate after midnight.

How can I learn about the timetable arrangements on special events?

Further arrangements in the train service (cancellation, extension, etc.) are updated on our website. Furthermore, the website of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality . announces such arrangements. You can also obtain information from us via 444 00 88.

Am I allowed to get aboard the trains with pets?

Pets are not allowed at the stations or in the vehicles, except for: Guide dogs accompanying visually impaired passengers; small dogs with collars, provided that they are carried on the lap of the owner; and small pets in cage (excluding the predatory, venomous etc. animals which may harm the passengers if released)

Am I allowed to get aboard the trains with a bicycle?

Passengers with bicycles can only travel during off-rush hours (hours other than 07:30-09:30 and 16:00-20:30), paying an extra fare for the bicycle.