Complaint and Request Management Process 


The Complaint and Request Management Process aims at providing our customers with quality and quick solutions in response to their complaints and requests received by various channels. 

Receiving complaints


There are various channels for our customers to share their complaints and requests with us. Feel free to send us your comments via our Call Center 153, our Short Message Service 1530, our WhatsApp Line 0552 153 00 34 our e-mail address, our website , ‘MetroIstanbul’ application specially developed for smart phones, Help Desk of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB Beyaz Masa), Complaint and Request Boxes in the stations, Social Media channels (Twitter, @metroistanbul_ ) (facebook, metroistanbulas), ( instagram, metroistanbul_ ) (youtube, istanbulmetro ) and our fax number +90 212 568 89 00. Received through various channels, the queries are collected into a single, centralized system; and the Press and Public Relations Division finalizes the query by responding the customer. There is already a properly-working communication channel required to forward the queries, which is also continually improved.


For a quick response , please share the following information Line Number, Direction-Station, Date-Time, Vehicle-Train Number.


Metro İstanbul administers Customer Satisfaction Management in accordance with the ISO 10002 Quality Standard.

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Solution and Response


Our highly-experienced teams analyse and solve the requests of our customers and give them feedback accordingly. In order to resolve the complaints through a quick, correct and customer-oriented approach, the concerned teams regularly participate in continual improvement and training programmes. Our principal aim here is to swiftly meet the customer expectations by inspiring them with confidence. With this aim in mind, the concerned departments carefully examine each and every query, and provide the customers with as a result. 

Registration of Complaints and Requests


All submitted queries are registered in our system. The Complaint and Request Management process is continually improved by examining in detail the received queries. The Public Relations official in charge provides the customer with a query tracking number verbally on the phone in the case of Call Center queries and by e-mail in the case of online queries. With this code, applicants are able to track the status of their queries. In queries submitted via SMS, the applicant is informed back again via SMS that the query has been received.

Detailed Review and Information


Our primary aim in the process is to resolve all queries as quick as possible and in the initial channel. In cases requiring detailed review, each query is forwarded to the concerned departments according to the theme / contents and the solution is eventually notified to the customer by the PR officials. In such cases, we also inform our customers about the estimated date of response and how they can follow up their queries in the meantime. The queries are resolved by the qualified PR Officials of our Call Center. In case the situation entails a detailed investigation, the officials forward the queries to the experts of each concerned unit, who in turn handle the queries. 

Continual Improvement


In order to identify potential areas for improvement and enhance effectiveness, Metro Istanbul regularly reviews, reports and continually improves its complaint and suggestion management process as well as the systems used. In order to avoid the recurrence of complaints, we take corrective and preventive actions to be incorporated into the processes. We also improve our processes by regularly monitoring most common subjects of complaint.



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