Metro Zemin Görseli

With the motto that ‘Everyone has equal right to access to all living spaces’ in our railway lines in operation, we are continuously working to ensure the maximum use of our services by disabled people.

Our primary efforts for disabled people to easily aboard the vehicle and have a safe journey include smoothly-functioning elevators and escalators, properly-inclined ramps, routing signs, alternative information, tactile ground surface applications. Disabled passengers can travel in the railway network with their free travel cards.


In order to ease the access of disabled passengers, Istanbul Ulasim A.S. makes improvements of various kinds in all its lines in service. Elevators, escalators and ramps are available in the stations from street level to the platform area. Furthermore, for disabled passengers to safely travel within our network, operators follow their location from the moment of their entrance to their departure and direct the station staff for help in case of need.


Metro Girişi Turnike Görseli

For visually impaired passengers to notice the track gauge in the platform area, we have ongoing works for cautionary, tactile yellow lines. Within this framework, we are also currently working on the installation of tactile pavings which guide the visually impaired people from entering the station entrance area until boarding the trains.


Disabled people can access elevator doors through ramps without having to use the stairs. In addition, special labels in Braille alphabet as well as audio-visual information are available inside the elevators for visually impaired passengers. The entrance and indoor areas of the stations contain ramps with a maximum slope of 6%. We pay utmost attention to using nonslip and firm covering material in the construction of ramp surfaces. At the faregate areas of the stations there are wide access turnstile gates specially designed for disabled passengers. In addition, disabled-friendly payphones with accessible height were installed at the turnstile floors of the stations.

Erişilebilir İstanbul Amblemi

All signs and signboards in our stations were designed by taking the needs of disabled passengers into account. In all the stations of the M2 (Sishane-Haciosman) line, there are floor signs clearly indicating the points where the doors of closing trains are opened and closed. This practice allows disabled passengers to board and alight the trains in a faster and more comfortable way. Similarly, implementation efforts are in progress in the M1 (Aksaray-Ataturk Airport) line.

Again in the tram lines of Istanbul Ulasim, accessibility works are progressing at full speed. For a more effective use by physically handicapped passengers, low-floor tramcars are in operation in certain parts of the lines.

All stations of our tram lines currently in operation are equipped with special ramps facilitating the access of wheelchair passengers to the platform areas. At the turnstile areas of the stations there are wide access gates specially designed for disabled passengers. Announcements are regularly made inside the trains for cautionary and informative purposes, and there are also visual announcements for hearing-impaired passengers. Furthermore, dedicated spaces and seats are available for the use of passengers with reduced mobility.

Accessibility is one of the priority issues in the service criteria of railway transport. Our company places special emphasis on developing fully accessible stations and trains in the newly-constructed lines (M3 Kirazli-Olympic Village-Basaksehir Metro Line and M4 Kadikoy-Kartal Metro Line).

Guided by the motto ‘disability is in the body, but the obstacles are in spaces’, Istanbul Ulasim exerts utmost efforts to duly perform its duties in facilitating the access of disabled passengers. In this respect, the company shall continue these efforts by taking into account all passenger comments and suggestions about accessibility.